Linda Bordow

I believe you deserve to live a life you love, and one that gives you the joy and satisfaction you desire, and I'm here to help you get it!

Most people will tell you their personal and professional lives are completely separate. That's not true for me - my personal experiences and life truly support and nurture me in having the energy and desire to do what I do.

Here are a few key personal experiences and professional achievements that have brought me to where I am today. I am a highly trained and naturally intuitive practitioner; my practice is a combination of Mind/Body Therapy and energy healing. I discovered early on that I had a natural ability and passion for helping people heal and shift in a positive way.

My education includes coaching with Landmark Worldwide’s Curriculum for Living since 1999. Landmark’s focus is teaching people how to live their lives powerfully and live the life they love. As a former bronze and silver medalist Figure Skater and a United States Marine, I understand the mental and physical aspects of training and experiences required to reach personal goals in life. I help incorporate and turn this into powerful tools and techniques that enable clients to reach their desired goals.

In 1993 I survived a fatal car accident and had a near death experience, leaving me with none of the life I knew before. This was the pivotal event that changed my life forever. I was left with numerous shattered and fractured bones requiring extensive surgeries. My prognosis from medical professionals was that I might never walk again. Refusing to believe that and in an effort to heal emotionally and physically from my car crash, I turned to alternative medicine, massage therapists, spiritual healers and energy practitioners, all of whom I credit in restoring my ability to walk. The following years of challenges and change became an initiation into a deeper understanding and knowing of life.

My life experiences and spirituality are driving forces that have influenced my recovery and subsequent success as a life coach and Energy therapist. I have continued to follow my insights and became an ordained non-denominational minister (1999) as well as a Level II Usui Reiki Practitioner (2009).

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